Yeong Dien Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.-- Centralized lubrication systems

Founded two decades ago, Yeong Dien Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is one of Taiwan's most professional manufacturers of centralized lubrication systems. Since its inception, the company has never quit developing innovative components to ratchet up the value of its products.

Yeong Dien has developed many subsystems and key components for its lubrication systems, including micro-computer LED (light emitting diode) display pump, intermittent electric pump, automatic spray mist lubricator, pneumatic oil pump, pneumatic grease pump, electric grease pump, and manual grease pump. Key components produced by the company include flexible nozzle, oil pipe, mobile connector, adjustable distributor, grease distributor, inspector, oil filter, fix quantitative distributor, etc.

With an in-house research and development department, Yeong Dien has accumulated a flurry of manufacturing skill to design reliable and high-value-added straightening machines in line with the special machining jobs needed by workshops.

The company is capable of rolling out 1,500 centralized lubrication systems per month. Unit prices of the company's products range from US$10 up to US$200. In addition to self-designed products, the company also accepts orders for specialized products on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis.

Company president Liao Hsu-ming says his company is capable of designing and producing reliable machines to meet the special needs of customers from around the world.

Liao claims his company is applying for patent rights in Taiwan. At present the company focuses on domestic and mainland China markets. The company says it will expand export outlets to include the U.S. and European nations in the foreseeable future. (BS)

Electric lubricant feeding device produced by Yeong Dien.

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